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The Second Anglo-Mysore war lasted for_______years
A. Two
B. Three
C. Four
D. Five

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Hint: The combat between the Indian city of Mysore and the British East India company led to the Second Anglo-Mysore war. The Battle ended with the signing of the Treaty of Mangalore.

Complete answer: Hyder Ali was ruling Mysore when the British attacked the state.The Battle of Mysore started in 1780 and continued till 1784 and lasted for four years. Mysore was a French ally and this war sparked a conflict between the English and the French. In 1777,when the Marathas attacked the kingdom of Mysore the British did not help Hyder Ali. They disobeyed the Treaty of Madras too. The Marathas captured Hyder Ali’s territories. With a sum of rupees 36 lakhs he made peace with the Marathas. This incident made Hyder Ali turn against the British.
When the British striked Mahe, which was a French possession under the rule of Hyder Ali, he declared a war on the British in 1780. With the help of the alliance of the Marathas and the Nizam, Hyder Ali was able to defeat the British. After he passed away,his son Tipu Sultan continued the war. The British won the war. On 11th March 1784 the war ended with the signing of the Treaty of Mangalore between Tipu Sultan and the British.

Hence, Option C is the right answer.

Note: According to the Treaty of Mangalore it was decided that both the parties return the captured territories and the prisoners of war. It was later seen that the war machinery used by Tipu Sultan in the Battle of Pollilur,was much more advanced than the British, which later influenced British rocket development.