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The process of making temporary/transitory opening in the cell membrane introduce foreign DNA is
A. Electroporation
B. Microinjection
C. Particle gun
D. chemical mediated genetics transformation.

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Hint: It is a microbiology technique that involves the use of an electrical field, which is applied to cells in order to increase the permeability of the cell membrane, allowing chemicals, drugs, or DNA to be introduced into the cell.

Complete answer: Electroporation is the molecular biology technique, which is used to create pores in the cell wall of host cells by the help of an electrical field, which increases the permeability of a cell that is used for the various purposes like genetic engineering or to introduce chemical or DNA molecules into the cell.
a) Microinjection:- in this technique, a foreign DNA is directly injected into the nucleus of animal or plant cells with the help of microneedles or micropipettes. It is used in oocytes, eggs or embryo
b) Particle gun:- it is also called a biolistic or gene gun. It is used for gene transfer which acts as a vector. DNA is coated onto the microscopic pellet gun of gold or tungsten of size 1-2 micrometre, and with high velocity, it is inserted into the target cell.
c) Chemical mediated genetics transformation is a genetic transformation process in which genetic material is altered by introducing or removing a particular segment in the DNA segment to get the desired result.
Hence, the correct answer is option A.

Note: Recombinant DNA molecule is a type of DNA molecule that is formed in the laboratory by genetic recombination methods like molecular cloning. The recombinant DNA formed from multiple sources creates a new sequence that is not present naturally.