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The process of biogas production is
a) Aerobic process
b) Anaerobic process
c) Active process
d) Passive process

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Hint: Biogas is produced from the wet waste material that is produced in the home. The organic matter is broken down into to produce gases like methane and carbon dioxide. The material used is generally agricultural waste, plant material, green waste, and food waste.

Complete answer:
Biogas is produced by the anaerobic process. In this, the whole process of formation of gas is done without the presence of oxygen or we can say that in the absence of oxygen the whole process is carried out. During biogas production, the raw material is fermented in the presence of the methanogens. The whole process is carried out in a closed system called biodigester or bioreactor.
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Methane and carbon dioxide are the main gases that are produced along with a small amount of hydrogen sulfide is also produced. Biogas produced is then compressed and is used in the CNG to be used in the vehicles as the energy source. It is a great alternative to diesel and petrol. In biogas, production methanogens play a major role. They digest the raw material provided to them and produce methane gas.

Additional information:
- Aerobic process is a process that involves the presence of oxygen in it. Without the presence of oxygen, the process cannot be carried out and is stopped. So, in such a process the presence of oxygen is necessary.
- Anaerobic process is a process in which the complete absence of oxygen is required. Even a little amount of oxygen can lead to hampering the process. So, the absence of oxygen is necessary for such processes.
The answer is the ‘(b) Anaerobic process’.

Note: Biogas production is environmentally friendly. It can be used as an alternative to petrol and diesel to fuel the vehicle. It is cheaper and doesn’t cause air pollution. It is a renewable source of energy.