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The positional average of central tendency is
D. Median

Last updated date: 15th Jul 2024
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Hint: In the given question all the options should be understood properly, so that the problem can be solved. It is a theory question which needs good understanding.

Now, the question is asking about the positional average of central tendency which is the part of statistics. In statistics, a central tendency is a centre or typical value for a probability distribution.
 If we see the first option which is GM. Now, GM represents the Geometric Mean. Geometric mean is defined as the nth root of a product of n numbers. So, it does not depend on position, making it incorrect.
Now, taking the second option, which is HM. HM is a Harmonic mean defined as the reciprocal of Arithmetic mean (AM) which also doesn’t depend on position, so it is also incorrect.
The third option is AM (Arithmetic mean) also simply known as average or mean is calculated by adding all the given numbers divided by the total numbers which also does not depend upon position. So, option (3) is also incorrect.
Now the fourth option Median is calculated by first arranging the given numbers in ascending order and then according to position it is checked which term is required average. So Median depends on position so, option (4), Median is the correct answer which is the positional average of central tendency. So, the answer is Median, i.e. option (D).

Note: Such questions are very easy to solve. Only you have to read thoroughly the question and the options given in it. In most of the problems only one option is correct but, in some cases more than one option can be true which you have to take care of. Write all the options which are true so that there is no error.