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The number of live births per thousand persons in a year is termed as
A) Death rate
B) Birth rate
C) Growth rate
D) None of the above

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Hint: Birth rate is the number of lives births per thousand people per year. Death rate is the number of deaths per thousand people per annual. Natural increase is the growth in population resulting from an excess of birth over death. Growth rate measures how fast the size of the population is changing.

Complete answer:
Birth rate is known as the natality rate. If the number of birth and death in a population is equal, the population should be stationary. Natural changes depend on the balance between birth rates and death rates. If there are more births than deaths rates, the population will increase. If there are more deaths than births, populations will increase. Migration is the movement of people into and out of any area or any country. If there are more immigrants (in- comes) than emigrants (out-goers), there will be a gain in population. If the situation is reversed, there will be loss of population. Exponential growth is when the birth rate is constant over a period of time and isn’t limited by food or diseases.

Thus, the correct answer is option (B).

Note:In population, measurement of changes is crude birth rate, Crude death rate, rate of natural increase. Positive population growth occurs when the birth rate is higher than death rate, usually occurs when conditions are ideal; will increase until something stops it. Negative population growth happens when the birth rate is lower than the death rate.