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The most quickly available source of nitrogen to plants are
A. Nitrate fertilizers
B. Nitrite fertilizers
C. Ammoniacal fertiliser
D. Ammoniacal nitrate fertilizers

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Nitrogen is most important in plants as it is the essential component of the chlorophyll. It is a major element of the amino acids which are the building block of proteins.

Complete answer:
The quickest source of nitrogen to the plants are the nitrogen fertilizers. As the nitrogen fertilizers mixed with soil and the plants absorb nitrogen in both the form such as ammonium and nitrate ions. The plants absorb most of the nitrogen from the nitrate ions. The commonly used nitrate fertilisers are ammonium nitrate and it has a chemical formula $NH_4NO_3$. It is composed of ammonium and nitrate ions and is highly soluble in water. This fertilizer is mainly used as an agricultural fertiliser.
The nitrogen from the nitrate fertilizers is used by plants as they absorb nitrogen which makes the protein for the plants and their healthy growth. They also absorb nitrogen from the water by the roots. The nitrate is mostly used in the fertilizers. Nitrate is also used by the plants as the source of the food with help then in their development.
So, the correct answer is nitrate fertilizers.

Note: The end products of nitrate fertilizers are easily drained through its mobility. The fertilizers of ammonium nitrate are produced by the oxidation of ammonia to nitric acids.