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The ministry of environment and forests has initiated Ganga Action and Yamuna Action Plan to save these major rivers from pollution. Though
(A) Building large number of sewage treatment plants to reduce BOD of waste water
(B) Building biogas plants to digest waste products of animals
(C) Reforestation at the bank of the river to absorb heavy metal pollutants.
(D) Installation of electrostatic precipitator which is organic matter present in polluted water.

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Hint: Pollution is defined as the contamination of the resources by mankind. This pollution in the water resources leads to the death of the aquatic organism and leads to several diseases to the organisms that drink the polluted water.

Complete answer:
The water resources may be river, pond, lake, sea, ocean etc. These are classified into fresh water resources and the marine ecosystem. The water resources get polluted in many ways. The water resources get polluted mainly due to the mixing of the industrial waste into the rivers, sea etc. The accidents in the ship carrying oils may spill in the oceans causing pollution. Hence, the government has taken many steps in order to prevent water pollution.

It includes the Ganga Action Plan and Yamuna Action Plan to save these Ganga and Yamuna rivers from pollution. The Ganga Action Plan was started in 1985 and the Yamuna Action Plan was started in 1993 . In Ganga and Yamuna Rivers the pollutants are the domestic sewage, industrial discharges and the toxic chemicals. Hence, the ministry of environment and forests has planned to send the water of these rivers to water treatment plants to clean them. In this way all the suspended impurities and the biological oxygen demand decreases and it is safe to use.

Hence, the correct answer is Option (A)

Note: The Ganga action Plan was started by Rajiv Gandhi, The prime minister during that time. It includes the Ganga tributaries namely Gomati, Damodar, Mahanadi and Yamuna. After that Yamuna Action Plan was launched separately as the bilateral plan with Japan.