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The major forest type found in India is
A) Subtropical deciduous
B) Tropical moist deciduous
C) Tropical deciduous
D) Temperature deciduous

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Hint: The most widespread forests in India that are spread in the rainfall region. The amount of rain which is the main cause of generation of forest in the area between the \[200\]cm to \[70\]cm and also known by the name monsoon forests. And the leaves are shaded during the summer season like Mulberry, Kusum, chairs, Bamboo, sal, teak, and shisham are the plants found in this forest area.

Complete answer:
In the environment and industry material production forest material plays a major role in the present economy. And in India, a large amount of forest area is found amongst the other countries. Indian forest-covered \[70\% \] hectares by \[2012\], announced in the \[2013\] forest survey of India states. In the electricity production, rural and urban areas, and power plants India will continue to meet their energy through the forest product consumption. The primary cause of India's near-permanent air pollution and the haze because of the dependence on forestry products, fuels, and wood. Cosmetics, drugs, spices, rattan, sal seeds, fuelwood, tendu, leaves, and herbs are the most significant products that are obtained from the Indian forest.
Enough moisture for the tree growth is found in the tropical areas and commonly known as the name of tropical deciduous forest. deciduous forest in which trees lose their typical growth due to the majority. Generally found in India.
In Russia, Canada the temperate deciduous forest is located and loses their leaves each year in the variety of temperate deciduous forest.
In the subtropical latitudes, the worldwide fund for nature is the habitats that are known by the name of subtropical deciduous.

Therefore the correct answer is option (C).

Tropical deciduous, tropical evergreen, tropical thorn, montane forest and swamp forest are the most common forest types found in India on a large scale. In terms of \[83\% \] area of the forest held by the Mizoram state, \[81\% \] area covered by the Nagaland and in Haryana has the lowest area under the forest among the other States of India.