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The main difference between animal cell and plant cell is in
A. Mode of nutrition
B. Growth
C. Movement
D. Respiration

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Hint:-As cell is basic unit of life, so animal cell is basic unit of kingdom Animalia and plant cell is basic unit of kingdom plantae. Plant and animal cells both are eukaryotic and they contain membrane-
bound organelles like mitochondria and nucleus and other organelles they both have such as
endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus, and cytoplasm.

Complete answer:
Animal cell is a kind of eukaryotic cell that lacks a cell wall (have irregular shape), and has a true membrane bound nucleus. Plant cells are also types of eukaryotic cells which have a true nucleus and also have a cell wall which gives structural support to cells. Some similarities and differences between animal and plant cells such as: Both plants and animal cells have vacuoles but plant cells have large and single vacuole used for storage and maintaining the shape of the cell and animal cells have many smaller vacuoles. Both plant and animal cells have mitochondria but only plant cells have chloroplasts and it helps in photosynthesis process in plant cells. Plant cells include cellulose, hemicelluloses, pectin and plastids which play vital roles in photosynthesis. Animal cells have centrosomes, lysosomes and also contain structures such as cilia, flagella etc. but plant cells do not have. And plant cells have cell walls, chloroplast, large central vacuoles, plasmodesmata and plastids used for storage but animal cells do not have. As plants are autotrophs and plant cells possess chloroplast which helps plants in synthesizing their own food. And animal cells are heterotrophs and cannot synthesize their own food. And they are dependent on other organisms to get food.
Thus, the right option is A.

Note:- Animal’s stem cells are totipotent, which has an ability to convert into the required type of cell according to body needs. All biochemical reactions in a cell including cell growth, cell division, and cell development are carried out by cytoplasm. And generally animal cells are smaller than plant cells.