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The main constituents of Dettol are:
A.Chloramphenicol and glycerol
B.\[2 - 3\% \] solution of iodine in alcohol
C.\[0.2\% \] solution of phenol
D.Chloroxylenol and terpineol

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A chemical substance which has low molecular mass and exerts an abnormal effect on certain body function is called drugs. It produces a biological response by interacting with macromolecular targets. A drug is known as a medicine when the biological response is therapeutic and useful.

Complete answer:
Step 1
Microbes are microorganisms also known as pathogens are extremely small in size and can cause diseases.
Antimicrobials are the chemical substances that are used to cure diseases caused by microbes or microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.
Step 2
There are chemical substances that can kill or prevent the growth of microorganisms called antiseptic. Antiseptics are groups of medicines that can be safely applied to living tissues. Thus, can be applied to wounds, cuts, ulcers, and diseased skin surfaces. As they are capable of reducing odors resulting from bacterial decomposition, so they can be added to deodorants, face powders, and breath purifiers.
Step 3
The chemical substances that are capable of killing microorganisms but are not safe to be applied to living tissues are known as disinfectants. They are applied to inanimate objects such as the floor, drains, instruments, etc.
Step 4
A particular substance can act both as an antiseptic as well as a disinfectant depending upon the concentration of the solution used. For example, \[1\% \] solution of phenol is a disinfectant whereas \[0.2\% \] of it is antiseptic.
Step 5
Dettol is an antiseptic which is made up of an aromatic compound chloroxylenol along with terpineol. The solvent is a mixture of pine oil, castor oil, isopropanol, soap, and water.

Hence, option d) is the correct answer for the given question.

Bithional is another important antiseptic. It is mainly added to soap as it imparts the antiseptic properties, reduces undesirable odor which results from the bacterial decomposition of organic -matter on the skin.