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The girdling or ringing experiment involved
A. Typing a metallic ring to a stem
B. Removal of a ring of tissue external to xylem
C. Marking a ring-shaped area on the stem
D. None of these

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Hint: The experiment girdling and ringing are two of the methods used widely in the field of horticulture in order to obtain the yield. Girdling and ringing means the removal of the bark from the tree in circumference upto a certain depth to prevent the downward flow of sugars leading to enhance the flowering and fruiting.

Complete answer:
Girdling and Ringing are the operations performed during horticulture and usual cultivations to increase the productivity.
In girdling or ringing experiment, the cutting of the outer phloem is done by removing a circular area of about half inch.
For identifying the phloem, bark of the tree is cut in a way that the xylem branch of the tree doesn’t get any cut or get destroyed.
So the bark of the tree is cut in circular motion as a circumference of the bark without cutting the xylem.
Since the woody xylem part stays unblemished, water and supplement can reach the leaves.
The carbohydrates are accumulated in the portion above the ringing or girdling is done.
This accumulation leads to the increment in flowering and fruiting.
If girdling and ringing is done upto more depth, the plant will die due to lack of nutrients and water.
Girdling is done in the main trunk before flowering.
Ringing is done after the fruit is set to grow the fruits faster.
The process like administration of metallic rings or marking anything on the outer bark do not benefit the plants at all.

The correct answer is option( B )Removal of a ring of tissue external to xylem.

Note: The food synthesized by the process of photosynthesis is transported through phloem to each part of the plant. By applying the technique of girdling or ringing, the conduction of the food material down to the stem is restricted. This will help in the growth of flowers or fruits due to the accumulation of food materials in the above regions. Also, there are minor differences between the process of girdling and ringing.