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The ‘gene theory’ was presented by
A. Wilson
B. Morgan
C. Mendel
D. Bateson

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Hint: In biology, the Gene Theory is one of the basic principles. The main idea of this theory is that traits pass on from parents to offspring via gene transmission. Genes are found on chromosomes and comprise DNA. They are passed from parent to offspring by means of reproduction.

Complete solution:
Option A. Wilson: Both Edmund Beecher Wilson and Nettie Maria Stevens independently developed the idea of sex determination by chromosomes. Their work recognized the importance of chromosomes in heredity and helped Thomas Hunt Morgan elucidate the early genetic results from Drosophila.
Option A is not correct.
Option B. Morgan: Thomas Hunt Morgan and his colleagues established the chromosomal theory of inheritance, according to which genes are found on chromosomes like beads on a string, and that some genes are linked (meaning they are present on the same chromosome and always inherited together). In \[1933\], his work on the role of chromosomes in heredity was appreciated and he was awarded the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine.
Option B is not correct.
Option C. Mendel: Johann Gregor Mendel, known as the Father of Genetics, discovered the fundamental laws of inheritance. He concluded that genes come in pairs and are inherited as discrete units, one from each parent. Mendel traced the separation of parental genes and their appearance in the progeny as dominant or recessive traits. He noted the mathematical patterns of inheritance from one generation to the next.
Option C is correct.
Option D. Bateson: William Bateson is credited with inventing the terms “genetics,” “allelomorphs” (later reduced to allele), “zygote,” “heterozygote” and “homozygote”. Bateson along with Punnett co-discovered "coupling,” also known as gene linkage. He even brought Mendel's laws to the notice of English scientists.
Option D is not correct.

Hence, option C is the correct answer.

Initially, Mendel’s work was not appreciated. In the \[1860\]’s the famous topic of discussion was Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, which made it easy to overlook a pea plant study. Ironically, it was the study of how variations are inherited in the course of evolution that led the way to the rediscovery of Mendel’s laws in \[1900\].