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The function of MPCB is to educate and guide the entrepreneurs in improving the environment by suggesting appropriate control technologies and techniques.
a. Pollution
b. Electricity
c. Global warming
d. Traffic

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Hint: MPCB stands for Maharashtra pollution control board which is in the state of Maharashtra, where it implements the range of environmental legislation. This MPCB works under the administration of the environmental department of Maharashtra.

Complete answer:
Maharashtra pollution control board was formed on 7th September 1970.
- It was established under the environment protection act
- It has some rules and responsibilities, where it is responsible for the prevention and control of water pollution, under the act of 1974.
- And it is also responsible for the prevention and control of air pollution under the act of 1981.

There are some provisions under this environmental protection act which includes the following
- Biomedical waste
- Hazardous waste
- Municipal solid waste.

Some of the important functions of the Maharashtra pollution control board includes the following,
- In order to prevent and control the pollution and also for the executions secure.
- To collect information related to pollution control and prevention.
- To inspect the sewage and disposal facilities.
- In order to support the public in the field of pollution control by practicing the best ways of waste disposal, reducing the usage of plastics, and recycling waste products and to maintain the eco-friendly environment.
- To educate the industries regarding pollution, and ways to control.
- To create public awareness in the matter of best practices for prevention and control of pollution.

Hence, The correct answer is option (A).

Note: This type of board helps to prevent the pollution near the water bodies such as rivers, there are also so many Non-governmental organizations established mainly to prevent and control the air and water pollution and to maintain an eco-friendly environment. One of the popular NGO is the Awaaz Foundation.