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The follicular cells surrounding the human egg constitute
A.Zona pellucida
B.Sella turcica
C.Corona radiata
D.Zona radiata
E.Viteline membrane

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Hint:Granulosa cells also known as follicular cells. These are cells that surround the oocyte into the follicle, their numbers increase directly in response to increased levels of circulating gonadotropins or lower in response to the testosterone. They also make peptides involved in ovarian hormone synthesis regulation.

Complete step by step answer:(A) The zona pellucida is a glycoprotein layer surrounding the plasma membrane of mammalian oocytes. It is a vital constitutive part of the oocyte.
(B) Within your skull, there's a small, bony nook at the base of your brain that holds and protects our pituitary gland (which controls how hormones work in your body). This tiny structure is called the sella turcica.
(C) The corona radiata is the innermost layer of the cumulus oophorus. It is directly adjacent to the zona pellucida, the outermost protective layer of the ovum. Its main function in many animals is to give or supply important proteins to the cell. Before corona radiata leaves the ovarian follicle it sticks to the oocyte. It is made by follicle cells and originates from the squamous granulosa cells. These squamous granulosa cells present at the primordial stage of follicular development.
(D) The zona radiata (called zona pellucida in mammals), is a porous structure located between oolemma and follicle cell epithelium in fish, has various functions.
(E) The vitelline membrane or vitelline envelope is a structure surrounding the outer surface of the plasma membrane of an ovum (the oolemma) or, in some animals (e.g., birds), the extracellular yolk and the oolemma.
The correct answer to the above statement is C) Corona radiate.

Additional information:
The antrum is a characteristic structural quality of all Graafian follicles. As such, the term antral follicle is a similar word for the Graafian follicle. The mechanism by which a healthy Graafian follicle is made depends on pituitary gonadotropins and involves the differential and temporal pattern of expression of specific genes that lead to cytodifferentiation and proliferation of follicle cells.

Note:Corona radiate is the inner layer. The zona pellucida is a thick layer that is belted by corona radiata cells. During fertilization, cortical granules are released from the egg which blocks the fusing of multiple sperms with an egg.