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The first movement of the fetus and appearance of hair on its head is usually observed during which month of pregnancy?
A) Third month
B) Fourth month
C) Fifth month
D) Sixth month

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Hint: In animals such as mammals, the time from which fertilization occurs, till the female gives birth to the offspring is known as the Gestational period. During this process, the fertilized ovum forms the zygote later gets developed into the embryo and finally to a fully developed fetus. A series of marked changes occur during this period. The duration of the gestational period is different for different organisms. In humans, this is roughly about forty months or nine months.

Complete answer :
The development of the embryo is also known as embryogenesis. It includes both cell division as well as differentiation. The period until implantation occurs is known as the germinal stage. During this phase active cell division occurs. Leads to the formation of a blastocyst or blastula. The next stage is gastrulation. And later the various embryonic layers are formed. It is further followed by neurulation and organogenesis respectively. Different organs get formed and developed at different stages of pregnancy.
The fifth month of development is characterized by the movement of the fetus within the womb, the first movement shown by the fetus is called quickening. It is also characterized by the development of body hair. At this time, the muscles also start to develop.
Considering the other given options:
A.Third month, the arms, feet, toes, fingers, as well as hands, develop completely. The finer and toenails are starting to grow. The development of reproductive organs also starts. Thus it is not the right option.
B. In the fourth month, the heartbeat of the fetus can be listened to, through a Doppler test. The fingers, as well as toes, get completely formed. Thus it is not the right option.
D. In the sixth month, the fingerprints are formed. The eyes open, and the eyelids get separated. Thus it is not the right option.

Therefore, from the above-given options, the most appropriate answer is C. That is, The first movement of the fetus and the appearance of hair on its head are usually observed during the fifth month of pregnancy.

During fetal development, and associated structure also developed known as the placenta, attached to the fetus. It helps as a medium for the transfer of materials from the mother to the fetus, and also acts as a barrier for certain materials. During childbirth, the placenta is also expelled out.