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The first inorganic pesticide to be used commercially was
A. Bordeaux mixture
B. Burgundy mixture
C. D.D.T.
D. 2 – 4 D

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Hint: Pesticides are the chemicals that are used to kill several kinds of pests that damage the crop plants. However, these chemicals are very harmful and extremely toxic to humans and animals. Moreover, these chemicals pollute our environment severely.

Complete answer: The first inorganic pesticide to be used commercially was D.D.T. DDT stands for Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane. D.D.T. is a crystalline, colorless, almost odorless, and almost tasteless organochlorine. It is known for its insecticidal properties. DDT has been formulated in almost every possible form that can be conceived. It is included in the solutions of petroleum distillates and xylene. It is also formulated in emulsifiable concentrates, granules, powders that are water wettable, smoke candles, aerosols. Moreover, it is also found in the charges for lotions and vaporizers. The D.D.T., a chemical was first synthesized in 1874. However, it was still unknown then. D.D.T was first discovered by Paul Hermann Miller in 1939. He was a Swiss Chemist. Paul Hermann Muller discovered the insecticidal action and the properties of the D.D.T. It was after this that D.D.T was synthesized commercially. Thus, based on the above information we can conclude that the first inorganic pesticide to be used commercially was D.D.T.
Hence, the correct answer is option (C).

Note: A safe alternative approach to pesticides in biopesticides. The biopesticides are the living organisms that are applied to the crop plants to destroy the pests. Biopesticides not only destroy weed plants but also insect pests. Two very common types of biopesticides are bioherbicides and bioinsecticides. Bioherbicides are used for the biological removal and control of the weed plant with the help of the living organisms. On the other hand, bioinsecticides are used for the biological killing, repelling, removal, and control of specific insects with the help of the living organisms and their products.