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The \[Fe{(OH)_2}\] is:

Last updated date: 22nd Jun 2024
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Hint: To solve this problem firstly we should know what bases are and how are they classified into strong and weak bases. Bases are substances that release hydroxide ions, have slippery nature, they have a bitter taste and can change the colour of indicators (for instance turn red litmus paper to blue), react with acids to form salts and can promote chemical reactions.

Complete answer:
We can differentiate bases because the opposite of acids;
-Monobasic: Iit contains only one hydroxyl ion and combined with one hydrogen ion is referred to as monobasic. For instance, NaOH, KOH, etc. are monobasic.
Therefore, the option A is incorrect.
-Now we discuss about the concept of tribasic as,
Tribasic: It is an acid that has three hydrogen ions to donate to base in an acid-base reaction. Therefore, the option B is incorrect.
-Now we discuss about the concept of triacidic as,
Triacidic: It is a base that contains three hydroxyl ions and combines with three hydrogen ions is called Triacidic. For instance,\[Al{(OH)_3}\],\[Fe{(OH)_3}\] etc. Therefore, the option C is correct.
-Now we discuss about the concept of dibasic as,
Dibasic: It is an acid that has two acidic hydrogen atoms within its molecules. For instance, \[{H_2}S{O_4}\] etc. Therefore, the option D is incorrect.
Therefore, the solution to this present question is option C that is Triacidic.

We must remember that the ferrous hydroxide free from oxidation was prepared by precipitation from an aqueous solution in an inert gas atmosphere and measured for magnetic susceptibility and magnetization. White coloured ferrous hydroxide slowly turns dark green then brown because of the formation of ferrous oxide.