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The element of ${{s}^{2}}{{p}^{2}}$ configuration is of group:
C) V

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Hint: The groups of the elements to which they belong is calculated using the number of valence electrons. Each group is represented using each general electronic configuration.

Complete answer:
The periodic table has 18 groups and 7 periodic and the elements are classified as s block, p block, d block and f block elements .Elements in each block have general electronic configuration.
-Each group has its general electronic configuration depending on the number of electrons present in the valence shell.
-Electronic configuration-gives the number of electrons distributed in the element. Electronic configuration is a standard notation of the electrons present in the atomic orbitals in a proper sequence. Every element has standard electronic configuration, which gives the number of electrons in various subshell (orbitals) which is put in a sequence of energy order.
Here it is asked that, to which group the element with\[{{s}^{2}}{{p}^{2}}\] configuration belongs to, so the given is the general configuration of the group .As s orbital have 2 electrons and another 2 electrons are present in the p orbital so they both give a value of 4 electrons in the valence shell.
\[{{s}^{2}}{{p}^{2}}\] Configuration = 2 s electrons + 2 p electrons = 4 electrons
So there are 4 electrons in the valence shells, which is the general configuration of \[{{14}^{th}}\] group element or IV- A group element.

Therefore the correct answer for the question is option (A)

Note: We know there are 4 electrons in the outer shell and the valency of the element is 4.But we may sometimes write that the element may belong to the 4TH group elements placed in the periodic table but here ${{4}^{th}}$ group represents the elements with valency 4. ${{15}^{th}}$ Group elements are called as V-A groups elements etc.