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The electrical conductivity of magnesium was tested. Magnesium was then added to dilute sulphuric acid and a gas Q, was produced. Which row is correct?
A) Electrical conductivity of magnesium-good , gas Q – hydrogen
B) Electrical conductivity of magnesium – good, gas Q –oxygen
C) Electrical conductivity of magnesium – poor, gas Q – hydrogen
D) Electrical conductivity of magnesium – poor, gas Q – oxygen

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Hint: We should know that the magnesium is metal and metals are the good conductors of electricity and also it is the fact that when metals react with the sulphuric acid they produce hydrogen gas with a pop sound.

Complete answer:
We will firstly discuss electrical conductivity . So we come to know that as every metal or object has certain properties in the same way when we distinguish any objects we consider several fundamental properties and among those properties one is electrical conductivity that means the potential or the ability of the substance to conduct the electric current or the electricity. Now here in the question we are talking about the reaction of metal that is the magnesium with the sulphuric acid . so we must know that metals are very good conductors of electricity.we must know that the electric conductivity happens when the electric charges move in the organised order. Also it is a fact that when a metal is reacted with the sulphuric acid then hydrogen gas is released with a pop sound. This reaction of a metal can be expressed from the equation below:
\[Mg + {H_2}S{O_4} \to MgS{O_4} + {H_2} \uparrow \]
Hence, the electric conductivity is good and the gas produced is hydrogen.

Hence, the correct option is (D).

Note: We should know that the electrical conductivity is measured with the units of siemens per meter.also we must know that the electric conductivity is the reciprocal of the electrical resistivity which is basically hindrance to the flow of electric charges.