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The doctor who treats animal is called ______
A. Doctor
B. Psychologist
C. Pathologist
D. None

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: The word doctor refers to a medical practitioner. Depending upon the role doctors are called physicians or surgeons. The doctor also refers to a title for the holder of an accredited academic degree.

Complete answer: Doctor is a person who diagnoses and treats the individual suffering from disease or infections. Depending upon the role doctors are called physicians or surgeons. A physician is a doctor who practices medicine, which is concerned with maintaining, promoting, or restoring health. The health of a person can be restored by study, diagnosis, and treatment of the injury, disease, other physical and mental impairments. A doctor who performs surgery or operation on a patient is called a surgeon. Surgeons are referred to as doctors which hold a degree of medicine in a particular specialization such as heart, eyes, kidney, and many more. A psychologist can be referred to as a person who deals with the study of normal and abnormal mental states, cognitive, emotional, perceptual, and social behavior and process of the individual by experimenting, interpreting, observing, and recording the individual behavior with the other person and the environment. Pathology is a field of biology which deals with the study of effects and causes of injury and disease. The person who studies pathology is called a pathologist. A pathologist studies tissue and body fluids which help the doctor in diagnosing the disease. The doctor who treats animals is called a veterinarian.
So, option D is the correct option.

Note: Doctor is the primary title for the person who holds a degree in medicine. Doctors who hold a degree in a particular specialization are called a specialist doctor or a surgeon. For example, a cardiac specialist is a doctor who deals with any kind of heart disease and injury.