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The Devadula Ethipothala Programme in Warangal supplies water to __________ district.
A. Warangal
B. Karimnagar
C. Nalgonda
D. All of these

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Hint: The programme is a lift irrigation scheme in India. This irrigation scheme is the second biggest kind in Asia. The project is designed to lift water from the River Godavari.

Complete answer: Devadula is a place in Warangal District, which is in Telangana. It is the place where the well of the irrigation scheme is located. The project is designed in a pattern so that it can lift water from the Godavari River and to irrigate more than 6,00,000 acres (2,400 sq. km) in the drought prone Telangana state. Later on the project was renamed after the politician J. Chokkarao as the ‘J. Chokkarao Devadula lift irrigation scheme’. The total work of the project was divided into three phases for executional convenience in 2003. This lift canal is an inter basin transfer link which feeds Godavari River water into the Krishna river basin in Warangal and Nalgonda districts.
The states mentioned in all the three options (A. Warangal; B. Karimnagar; C. Nalgonda) are located in the state of Telangana and come under the project of the Devadula Ethipothala Programme. Therefore, all the three options are correct.

Hence, option D is the correct option that includes all the other options as well.

Note: The project of the Devadula Ethipothala Programme was renamed to honour J. Chokka Rao, a freedom fighter from Karimnagar. The maximum water lift of the project is by 510 metres.