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The correct symbol for Zener diode is –
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Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: We need to understand the different symbols used in distinguishing the different electronic and electrical devices along with their functions to correctly solve the given problem. The different types of diodes have to be reviewed here for the same.

Complete Solution:
We know that the electronic devices and the electrical circuit elements are represented by different symbols for the sake of simplicity in a circuit diagram. The complex structure of the devices are hidden from the reader's first view but the mechanism or the working of the circuit is made clear by representing the circuit element by its symbolic representation.

We are given four circuit elements from which we need to find the symbolic representation for the Zener diode. We know that the zener diode is basically a p-n junction diode which works primarily in the reverse biased condition unlike the usual p-n junction diodes.
The mechanism involved in the zener diode is the Zener breakdown, hence the name zener diode. The electric field triggers the breakdown of the dielectric capacity of the given p-n junction thus producing a large amount of current which is not possible due to the reverse bias in ordinary situations. A p-n junction diode will get damaged at such negative potentials.
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The Zener diode is symbolically represented as –
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This is the required solution.

Thus, the correct answer is option A.

Usually for a p-n junction diode , the junction has to be forward biased for the operation of the diode without damaging it. The Zener diodes are built such that they can tolerate the huge reverse biasing and cause zener breakdown without damaging the diode.