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The common seafood is
A. Rohu
B. Sardine
C. Pamphlet
D. Prawn

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Hint:Freshwater fish spend most or all their lives in water like rivers, lakes, with a salinity of but 1.05%. These environments differ from marine conditions in some ways. For instance, the difference in salinity levels. 42% of all known species of fish are found in freshwater.

Complete answer:
To survive in water, the fish need a rage of physiological adaptations. Their gills are going to be ready to diffuse dissolved gases while keeping the salts within the body fluids inside. Their scales reduce water diffusion through the skin. They even have well developed kidneys to revive salts from body fluids before excretion.

Many species of fish reproduce in freshwater but spend most of their lives in marine water. These are referred to as anadromous fish, and include salmon, trout etc…Some other forms of fish are, born in salt water, but live most of or parts of their adult lives in freshwater; as an example, the eels. These are mentioned as catadromous fish.

Species of fish migrating between marine and fresh waters need adaptations for both environments. When in salt water they need to remain the bodily salt concentration on a level and the other way around. Many species solve this by associating to different habitats at different stages of life. Examples are eels, anadromous fish and therefore the Petromyzon marinus have different tolerances in salinity in several stages of their lives.Few of the freshwater fishes of India are Rohu, Catla, Mahseer, Magur and Vaam.

Rohu is a species of carp family, which is found in rivers of Indian subcontinent and mostly utilized in aquaculture. The massive silver coloured Rohu fish may be a crucial aqua-cultured freshwater species and commonly eaten in India.

Thus, the correct answer is option A (Rohu)

Note:Sardines, Pomfrets and prawns are mostly marine fishes, but sardines and prawns also can be cultured in freshwater. Pomfret could also be a marine stenohaline fish and doesn't adapt to the freshwater. The attempts to acclimatize this fish to the freshwater haven't been successful.