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The chromium ions doped in the ruby rod:
A) Absorbs blue light
B) Absorbs red light
C) Emits green light
D) Absorbs green light

Last updated date: 11th Jun 2024
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Hint: In this question, first, we get the ruby rod absorbs blue light absorbs red light emits green light absorbs green light falls on a plane on a plane reflecting surface. These photons will move in the optical cavity and resonate to produce more photons of the same wavelength and coherent light is produced.

Complete answer:
As the electrons jump to excited state, they make a downward transition to the metastable state. Metastable holds the electrons for a longer duration of time as compared to the excited state. As the number of electrons increases in metastable state, after a short span of time population inversion is achieved between the metastable state and the ground state. Electrons will emit photons and jump back to ground state.

When a ruby crystal is painted with chromium ions then it will absorb the green light. Because the energy levels of chromium ions are high, so it absorbs first green light then blue light from the white light.

This is done by doping small amounts of chromium oxide in the melt of laser rods prepared from a single crystal of pink ruby which contains active medium or active center chromium act as active centers in ruby crystal.

Note: If they take the red light the energy level will be + ions. So can’t change the green light to any other light. The chromium ions easily absorb green light. Such ions can get the chromium oxide to melt as lasers have to get the energy and white light.