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The chemical name of anisole is:
A. Ethanoic acid
B. Methoxy benzene
C. Propanone
D. Acetone

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Hint: Anisole is an ether. Hence, out of the given options, we need to find out the compound that is an ether. We will write the structures of all the four compounds given in the hint. Then for each structure, we will determine which one is an ether.

Complete answer:
We can also call ethanoic acid as acetic acid. It is a carboxylic acid having two carbon atoms.
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Propanone is also known as acetone. It is a ketone containing three carbon atoms. Propanone contains two methyl groups and one carbonyl group.

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Let us write the structure of anisole as shown below:
seo images

Anisole contains a methoxy group joined to a phenyl ring. A methoxy group contains a methyl group that is joined to an oxygen atom.
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When we replace one hydrogen atom of benzene ring with a methoxy group, we obtain anisole. Hence, the chemical name of anisole is methoxy benzene. Anisole is alkyl aryl ether. Ethers are named as alkoxy alkanes.

Additional information:
An ether contains an oxygen atom joined to two carbon atoms. These two carbon atoms can be part of two alkyl groups or aryl groups or one carbon atom may be the part of an alkyl group and another carbon atom may be the part of an aryl group.

Hence, the correct answer is the option B.

Note: Based on the type of the groups to which two carbon atoms belong, we can classify ethers into symmetrical ethers and unsymmetrical ethers. In symmetrical ethers, two alkyl groups are of the same type. An example is diethyl ether. In unsymmetrical ethers, two alkyl groups are of different types. An example is anisole.