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The characteristics transmitted from parents to the offspring are present in:

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Hint: Heredity, also called as inheritance or as biological inheritance, is the passing on off traits from the parents to the offspring, either through sexual reproduction or asexual reproduction, the offspring cells or organisms get the genetic information of their parents.

Complete answer:
Heritable traits are known to be passed starting with one generation then onto the next by means of DNA, a molecule that encodes hereditary information. DNA is a long polymer that has four types of bases, which are interchangeable. The Nucleic acid sequence (the arrangement of bases along a specific DNA atom) determines the genetic information. Before a cell divides through mitosis, the DNA is replicated, with the goal that every one of the subsequent two cells will acquire the DNA sequences.
A portion of a DNA atom that specifies a single functional unit is known as a gene; various genes have various sequences of bases. Inside cells, the long strands of DNA structure condensed structures called chromosomes. Organisms acquire hereditary material from their parents as homologous chromosomes, containing a unique combination of DNA sequences that code for genes.
Genes convey hereditary data from individuals to their offspring and they are situated in the chromosomes of cells. Genetic traits that are acquired from one individual to another can be controlled by one or more genes, and a single gene can impact on more than one trait. A human cell contains a large number of genes.

Hence, the correct answer is option (C)

Note: Genes acquire mutations in their sequence, prompting various variations, known as alleles, in the population. These alleles encode various forms of a protein, which cause distinctive phenotypic traits. Genes advance because of natural selection/survival of fittest and genetic drift of the alleles.