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The brain capacities of which men were between 650-800cc in the course of human evolution?

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: The brain capacities gradually increased from ancestors to modern man. The brain capacity of modern man Homo sapiens is around double of its ancestors.

Complete answer:
Developed brains are one of the most important characteristics of Homo sapiens. We have the most advanced brain among all the organisms in the animal kingdom.
The brain capacity of modern man is around 1450cc. This capacity is developed through several evolutions. Change in the size and organisation of the brain is an important aspect of development. As the brain grew, ability to use tools, language development and thinking capacity increased.

Evolution to Homo sapiens is as follows-
1) Australopithecus an primitive had a brain capacity of 450-500cc. They are supposed to have survived more than 4 millions ago. They are considered as the connecting link between ape and humans.
2) Homo habilis- They appeared about 2.3 million years ago. The size of the brain was about three times greater than Australopithecus. The brain capacity was about 600-800cc.
Homo ergaster- They lived from about 1.7 million- 1.4 million years ago and brain capacity was around 800-1200 cc.
3) Homo sapiens – They are the most advanced species among all. The modern man has a brain capacity of 1450 cc at an average. They have larger brains with higher thinking capacity. It is associated with greater intelligence, conscious thought, reasoning and learning.

Note: The first human-like being was Homo habilis with brain capacity of 800cc at an average. With the evolution of higher Hominids, this species gradually became extinct.