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The birth control device used by women is/ are:
A. Diaphragm
B. Condom
C. Copper T
D. Both 1 and 3

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Hint: A birth control/ contraceptive device is an instrument used to prevent pregnancy. Female contraceptives function to prevent entry of sperms into the genital tract, fertilization and implantation.

Complete answer: Female contraceptives function to prevent pregnancy by the following methods:
1. By increasing the viscosity (Fluid thickness) of the cervical mucus (To prevent sperm entry).
2. By increasing the acidic nature of the female genital tract (To kill the sperms).
3. By preventing fertilization.
4. By preventing implantation, etc.
5. Diaphragm, IUDs (copper T, Lippe’s loop), cervical cap, spermicidal jellies and creams, etc. are some of the commonly used female contraceptives. Apart from these, tubectomy is done for permanent sterilization (By cutting and ligating the fallopian tubes bilaterally).

Additional information:
Intrauterine devices (IUDs) are available in the following forms:
1. Copper T: It is an IUD that releases copper ions in the female genital tract to prevent the process of fertilization.
2. Lippe’s loop.
3. Hormone releasing IUDs: They are Multiload 375, etc. That releases various hormones to hinder with fertilization and implantation.
4. Diaphragm is a contraceptive device that is placed over the cervix prior to intercourse. It is used along with spermicidal jellies and creams. It is highly effective.

Correct Answer: Option 4: Both 1 and 3

Note: Condom is a male contraceptive device that is placed/ worn over the shaft and glans penis to prevent the ejaculate from the entering the female genital tract
Other male contraceptive devices are vasectomy (bilateral cutting and ligation of vas deferens), etc.