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The area of the most acute vision in eyes, where sharp and bright images are formed is
A. Yellow spot
B. Fovea centralis
C. Blind spot
D. Both A and B

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Hint: The retina is the paper-thin tissue that lines the back of the eye and contains the photoreceptor (light sensing) cells (rods and cones) that send visual signals to the brain. A tiny pit located within the macula of the retina that gives the clearest vision of all.

Complete answer:
Let's discuss the option and find the correct answer.
A.Yellow spot :The yellow spot or macula is an oval yellow spot near the centre of the retina of the human eye. It has a size of 1.5 millimeters. It is specialized for seeing things with highest clearness or acuity . It is the area of best vision, where the maximum amount of rod cells and cone cells are present. Hence option A is correct.
B.Fovea centralis : The fovea is where the optics of our eye focuses the pictures from the surface world and allows sharp and detailed vision. Hence option b is correct.
C.Blind spot : Each of our eyes features a tiny functional blind spot about the dimensions of a pinhead. In this tiny area, where the nervus opticus passes through the surface of the retina, there are not any photoreceptors. Since there are not any photoreceptor cells detecting light, it creates a blind spot. Hence option C is incorrect.
D.Both A and B: As the area of the most acute vision in eyes, where sharp and bright images are formed is yellow spot and fovea centralis , so both are correct. Hence option D is correct.

Hence option D: Both A and B are the correct answer.

Note: It's possible to possess vision superior to 20/20: the utmost acuity of the human eye without visual aids (such as binoculars) is usually thought to be around 20/10 (6/3).