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The IUPAC name of the following compound is
seo images

(a) n-propyl ethanoate
(b) ethyl propanoate
(c) pentanoic anhydride
(d) n-propyl propanoate

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Hint: The functional group attached to this compound is ester. The ester contains two alkyl groups with two oxygen atoms, where one oxygen is attached by double bond and other with a single bond. The molecular formula of the compound is ${C_6}{H_{12}}{O_2}$.

Complete answer:
The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry have set rules for determining the name of the chemical compound.
The IUPAC name of the given chemical compound is determined as shown below.
The structure of the given compound is shown below.
seo images

STEP 1: Identify the group
In the given hydrocarbon, an ester group is present at the third position which is represented as RCOOR, where R is the alkyl group, one oxygen is attached to the carbon by a double bond and one oxygen is attached by the carbon through a single bond. Therefore the suffix will be given as –oate.
STEP 2: Find the longest carbon chain
The hydrocarbon consists of three carbon atoms in the longest chain or parent chain. Therefore, the hydrocarbon is named as propane.
STEP 3: Number the carbon atoms present in the longest chain
The numbering of the carbon atom is shown in the diagram.
STEP 4: Combine the entire element into a single IUPAC name
The IUPAC name of the compound is n-propyl propanoate.
Therefore, the correct option is d.

Numbering of the carbon atom should be done properly. The numbering starts from where the highest priority group is attached. The propyl propanoate is the ester formed by propanol and propanoic acid.