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How tall do you think will be when you grow up? Is anyone else in your family of the same height?

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Height of mammals depends on the nutrition, hormone and genes. Variation in height is very common in humans and rare in other mammals. Mostly variation of height was due to genetic inheritance.

Complete answer:
When humans are in child phase their height grows hastily but after entering into adult phase height stops to grow just because if height can’t stop to grow then it will cause many problems in humans because humans are mobile, not static.
The average height for men is 5’9” and for women is 5’. The height of a person depends mainly on genetic inheritance but it is not necessary that if father and mother are tall then their children will also be tall. With genetic inheritance nutrition and proper function of growth hormone is also necessary. The different countries also show different heights due to different food intake. The country whose food is mainly dairy products their population will show maximum taller people and the country with maximum protein uptake will show short people.
In the case of the hormone, in our brain the pituitary gland produces growth hormone. Pituitary gland build-up height, bone, and muscles. If secretion of hormones increase more than normal the height will grow rapidly crossing average height and if secretion decreases the person becomes short.
 In the case of hyposecretion of growth hormone, a person becomes dwarf with small height, small finger, toe, hand, feet, and face whereas hypersecretion of the hormone leads to acromegaly, hand, feet, face and finger show abnormal growth.

Note: Dutch people show the world's tallest population with an average height of 5’ 7.96 “ and Bolivia has a person with an average height of 4’11.5”. Remaining countries show both short and tall persons.