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Suppose a \[3\]–pin plug is used in the circuit of a power device like electron iron. What are the three pins indicating , and also say which part of the electrical appliance is connected to the earth pin?

Last updated date: 14th Jul 2024
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Hint: In three pin plugs there are three numbers of pins present in it. In order to answer this question we should know about the functionally and the name of each pin of the three pin plug.

Complete step-by-step solution:
We use three pin plugs for safe flow of electric current. For daily bases we used it very much.
There are three types of wire seen in three-pin plug , live pin, neutral pin and earth pin. Each of them have a specific color which makes them different in appearance. Brown wire is represented to the live wire , similarly blue wire is represented to neutral wire and the twisted pair of yellow & green wire is for earth wire.
 The metal case of the electrical devices are connected to the earth pin. When we put any plug into socket of electric board ,earth pin is is connect very first with power supply than other pin . The reason behind this factor is ,earth pins are very long and thicker than others . Also the unwanted current flow gets removed by the earth wire, that’s why we are some short of save from getting electric shock.

 Note: Electrical apparatuses with metal bodies need to be appropriately earthed for assurance of getting electric shock. Make sure when we touch any electrical switch and wire our hands & body should be dried.