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When the sun is seen through muslin cloth, a coloured spectra is observed due to:
A. interfaces of light
B. diffraction of light
C. reflection of light
D. polarization of light

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Hint: In this question we are asked the reason as to why the coloured spectra is observed of sun when seen through muslin cloth. Now, to solve this question we will discuss the ways a coloured spectra can be obtained and how does the muslin cloth help producing such phenomenon. In doing so, we shall answer the following question by selecting appropriate statements.

Complete answer:
Now we know that the white light is made up of seven colours. The light waves of these colours vary in their wavelength and frequency. Now, from Newton’s prism experiment we know that the prism splits the incident ray of light into a band of seven colours. The light with higher frequency and lower wavelength travel slower and refracts more, while the light with lower frequency and greater wavelength refracts less. Therefore, we can say that the rays of different colours emerge alone. Now, when the sun is observed through the muslin cloth, white light from the sun gets diffracted and a colour spectrum is produced due to variation in wavelengths of lights of different colour. The muslin cloth is made up of very fine threads and due to this very fine slips are created which cause the light to diffract as it passes through the slip.

So, the correct answer is “Option B”.

Diffraction refers to various phenomena that occur when a wave encounters any obstacle or the opening. The obstacle causes the wave to bend around the corners. Wavelength is distance between two peaks or two crests of a wave. The propagation of light can be determined by the wavelength associated with the light.