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Sugar fructose is present in the secretion of
A. Seminal vesicle
B. Perineal gland
C. Cowper’s gland
D. Bartholin’s gland

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Hint: A sex gland helps in the secretion of fructose and it provides the spermatozoa energy from swimming and helps in the sperm - ovum interaction.

Complete answer:
-The seminal vesicles are secreted from the seminal glands. The seminal glands are the sex glands where the fluid constitute of fructose that gives the vital energy to spermatozoa for the swimming.
The seminal vesicles appears as a pair of sacs and are presented nearby the basal portion of the bladder. An alkaline secretion is produced from these glands and these secretions consists mainly of fructose and hormone prostaglandins. Seminal plasma helps in the coating of sperm cells with capacitation inhibitors and it fluidized the ejaculate after 5 to 10 minutes. Seminal vesicle also contributes in secreting fibrinogen and prostaglandin. Fructose, citric acid and supplementary nutrients are secreted by this gland.
-The prostaglandins help in the contractions in the uterus and help the sperm to shift to the oviducts of the female where the fertilization takes place. The fructose is majorly present in the seminal secretion and is not released or developed anywhere in the body.
-Cowper’s glands are a type of exocrine glands which are mainly present in the male reproductive system and exhibit a significant role in protecting the sperms during ejaculation. The gland is made up of numerous associated glandular lobules.
-Bartholin’s gland has compound alveolar gland which are in pairs and tiny in size .It occurs in the female and is important in vestibular lubrication.

Hence, the correct answer is option (A).

Note: Numerous proteins and fructose is secreted by seminal gland and it acts as an energy source for sperm motility and also contributes to the major percentage of the alkaline buffer.