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What is the study of bird eggs called?
A. Nidology
B. Oology
C. Ornithology
D. Speleology

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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Hint: The study of bird eggs usually comes under the study of birds. But there is a specific term here which is more accurate for the study of bird eggs. Remember that the egg cells are scientifically called oocytes.

Complete answer:
Let’s go through all options individually, and find out the characteristics of each term.
Nidology – It is the study of bird’s nests. Different birds have very different nest types. The type of nest will depend on the habitat and enemies, egg-laying season, and resources available from the surroundings.
Oology – This is the study of bird eggs or eggs in general. It can also refer to the habit of collecting eggs of birds. Just like the varieties in nests, birds show a wide array of variants in egg structure. The scientific use of egg collection has started to counter the inefficiency of low-powered binoculars for bird watching.
Ornithology – This is the study of birds. It can be described as the methodological study of birds and everything related to them. In that respect, both nidology and oology come under this branch of science. It has widespread popularity among amateur bird watchers.
Speleology – This is the study of caves and their exploration. This includes the scientific study of their structure, history, physical properties, life forms supported, and the process by which they form and change over time. The study of biology inside and surrounding a cave is called speleology.

The study of bird eggs is called Oology.

Note: Understanding the scientific (biological) terms for common objects can help in determining the right direction. These are usually derived from Greek or Latin. Let us break down each of these terms to understand this point.
Nidology – nidus (nest) + -logy (study of)
Oology – Oion (egg) + -logy (study of)
Ornithology – Ornis(birds) + -logy (study of)
Speleology – Speleo (cave) + -logy (study of)