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State some important measures for resource conservation.

Last updated date: 17th Jun 2024
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Hint: To take care of our heritage, conservation of resources will help. For the good, use and enjoyment of the public today and for centuries to come, we will care for and protect them.
Our natural resources should be protected because they are the primary source of our everyday needs and are minimal.

Complete answer:
Conservation Resources
Natural resources on Earth include air, minerals, plants, land, water, and wildlife. Conservation is the care and preservation of these properties so that they can survive for years to come. Conservation of resources implies reducing the use of water, electricity, and raw materials. It is the management of the human use of natural resources that while preserving the capacity to meet the needs of future generations, offers the greatest value to current generations.

Three resource protection initiatives are:
(i)Judicious and conscientious use of resources.
(ii) Avoiding resource wastage and abuse of resources.
(iii) For non-renewable resources, the use of alternatives or substitutes.

-When not in use, turn off lights, fans and other appliances.
-On sunny days, use a solar heater to cook your food, which will cut your LPG costs.
-Grow trees near the houses and get a cool breeze and shade that will cut off your air conditioning and cooler energy charges.
-Using the pressure cooker at all times.
-For all domestic purposes, use the minimum volume of water.
-Check for water leakage and fix them promptly in drains and toilets.
-Don't use more chemicals and fertilizer.
-Using the crops with natural manure.
-Do not uproot the trees as much as possible when building the hom

Note:There are four primary forms of conservation that all play a critical role in sustaining a safe world. As a matter of urgency, they all need our assistance.
i) Environment conservation
ii) Animal conservation
iii) Marine conservation
iv) Human conservation