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Some boys and girls have disproportionate body structure during adolescence?

Last updated date: 25th Jun 2024
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Hint: Adolescence is the period during which the humans mature and start to discover the changes occuring in their body, The age of adolescence or puberty is marked by various physical, mental and emotional changes in the body.

Complete Answer:
Adolescence is the period when the boys and girls become sexually mature and attain the age of reproductive maturity. The process of these changes occurs during puberty. It is commonly called as the teenage. It begins at the age of 10 and ends at the age of 18-19 years.

Different changes are seen in the body of different individuals due to different hormones and various other factors. The disproportionate body is due to the different growth patterns exhibited by different boys and girls. Also, in one individual the growth among various organs also varies which causes the different appearance.

Additional information:
Some of the changes occurring at puberty are:
1. Increase in height- Long bones show rapid growth leading to increase in heights of the boys and girls. This increase continues till the age of 18 years.
2. Change in shape of the body- The shape of the body changes leading to different physical structures. Such as in case of boys, the shoulder becomes broader and the shoulder of girls becomes narrow.
3. Change in voice- The voice in boys becomes deep and hoarse. In the case of girls, it becomes high pitched.
4. Increased sweat gland activity- Along with the increase in sweat secretion, the acne also arises in the facial areas of adolescents.
5. Sexual maturity- The reproductive organs of both boys and girls mature and start to release various gametes. They become reproductively active.
6. Emotional changes- They become emotional and start taking abrupt decisions. They try to go against the parents and follow their peers.

Note: Adolescence is the time period during which the boys and girls mature sexually. They enter the phase of reproduction. Various changes in each body part occurs which causes the body to develop. The release of various hormones at this age causes the uneven growth of different organs leading to disproportionate growth.