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Should the games of boys and girls be different? Think and write.

Last updated date: 23rd Jul 2024
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Hint: It is not about games, there should be no gender difference because both boys and girls through their morphology are somewhat different, the capabilities are the same in any field, anything can be done by both boys and girls if they concentrate and practice.

Complete answer:
No, there should be no difference in the case of games or sports. In olden days there are many things that are gender biased, and people were grown up from their childhood like boys can go outside and play outdoor games and girls should stay at home at play indoor games, and people used to the thought that girls are less capable of playing so many games, and they thought that girls are sensitive to play certain more physically involved games.

But in the present modern society, the perception changed, there is no more gender-biased, girls and boys are equal in every field and in every aspect, such as games, sports, higher education, etc. Where girls are no less capable in this competitive world,
There are many girls who are interested and being trained at the state level and national level, and even international level competitions also.

Girls are everywhere they can play mind games like Chess to ground games like cricket, tennis, etc. Even in the Olympics, there are many girls who have brought so many medals to our country and make our country very proud.
So no difference should be seen between girls and boys in the field of games or sports.

Note: It is good if every parents and teacher encourage the girls and boys equally to play all games and sports, it is very useful in their physical growth and mental growth and they also makes the child very creative, so equality should be everywhere and in every field, girls are game-changers. They can do anything.