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How Shanghai (China) became the hub of the new print culture? Explain
What are the reasons that popularised Premchand's novels? Write about different characters drawn by him.

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Hint: Munshi Premchand is one of the most renowned writers of Indian literature. He was born on 31st July in the year 1880. He is also known as 'Upanyas Samrat' by the people.

Complete answer:
 The main reasons that popularised the Premchand novels are that they connect a person with a realistic reading experience. His novels focus on the real-life situations of a person which include poverty, dowry, corruption, child marriage and many more concepts taken from his personal experience. He has written dozens of novels, his story collection includes around 300 stories and any number of essays. Some of his most outstanding works include:

1.Godaan: This novel of him beautifully portrays the class system that exists during the time of Britishers and what hardships a poor villager had to face during that time.

2. Pratigya: The meaning of his Novel is 'The Vow' which depicts the issues or the problems a widow faces when she gets married again. It gives a real experience to the readers to hold on till last.

3.Nirmala: This is one of his best artwork which portrays the marriage differences a couple faces when there is a major age difference in between them. The early marriage of girl-child was the common issue that prevailed during that time. It also throws light on the dowry system of an Indian marriage.

4.Gaban: This was also one of the most famous novels of Munshi Premchand. It portrays the socio-economic conditions that were in the country before the time of Independence.

Note: Munshi Premchand was his pen name and his actual name was Dhanpat Rai Srivastava. He was also a part of the Non-Cooperation Movement which was started by Mahatma Gandhi. Mansarovar, Karmabhoomi and Bazaar-e-Husn are the other signature works of Munshi Premchand.
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