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Last updated date: 07th Dec 2023
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Secondary prefix for Ketone is Keto or oxo.

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Hint: A ketone is the functional group with the formula \[{R_2}C = O\] , where \[R\] can be any carbon-based substituent. A carbonyl group in ketones is a carbon-oxygen double bond.

Complete answer:
In IUPAC nomenclature, prefixes are inserted before the root of the compound. Prefixes are very useful because they signify whether or not an organic molecule contains side chains or substituent groups. These prefixes also reveal whether the compounds are cyclic or acyclic in nature.
In IUPAC nomenclature, prefixes are divided into two categories: primary prefixes and secondary prefixes. Primary prefixes indicate whether a compound is cyclic or acyclic. Side chains or substituent classes are indicated by secondary prefixes.
The ketone group with carbonyl carbon in which the suffix \[ - anone\] is used with the parent alkane, such as \[2 - Propanone\] , is \[RC = O{R'}\] . Although not commonly used, oxo is the IUPAC nomenclature for the oxo group \[\left( { = O} \right)\] and is used as a prefix when the ketone is not the most important component. However, other prefixes are also used. The ketone functional group is used to describe a number of different chemicals, mostly in biochemistry. That is, a functional group used as a prefix is keto or oxo.
So, the answer is Option A. True

Additional Information:
As polymer precursors, solvents, and pharmaceuticals, ketones are produced in large quantities in industry. Methyl Ethyl ketone, acetone, and cyclohexanone are the most important ketones in terms of scale. They're also popular in biochemistry, but not as much as they are in general organic chemistry. The uncontrolled oxidation of hydrocarbons produces ketones and a variety of other compounds.

Ketones are more volatile than similar molecular weight alcohols and carboxylic acids. Alpha-hydrogens in ketones participate in keto-enol tautomerism.