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Scutellum is the first leaf of which plant
A. Gymnosperm
B. Dicots
C. Monocots
D. Pteridophytes

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint:-The process of development of a mature embryo from the zygote is known as embryogeny. The embryo matures at the micropylar end of the embryo sac, where the zygote is present. The early stages of embryo development are similar in both monocots and dicots.

Complete Answer:-The scutellum is the first leaf of monocotyledon plants. The shape of the scutellum is shield-like, whose function is to provide nourishment to the developing embryo. This is also known as the modified shoot or the first primordial leaf.
In monocotyledons, the embryo has only one cotyledon. In the grasses and monocots, it is known as scutellum. It is present towards the lateral side of the embryonal axis. The embryonal axis possesses radicle on its lower end, enclosed in an undifferentiated sheath called coleorhiza.
The scutellum is a very thin structure that can absorb nutrients from the endosperm during seed germination.
During seed formation, a number of changes occur in the ovule due to which the ovule is transformed into the seed. The integuments of the ovule are transformed into the seed coats that protect the seed from stress conditions.

Thus the correct option is (C). Monocots

Note:- The monocots and dicots differ in various structures such as roots, stem, leaves, flowers, and seeds. The monocot contains the only cotyledon, whereas the dicot contains two cotyledons in its embryo. The monocots have one seed leaf inside the seed, and on the other side, dicots have two seed leaves in its seed.