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Scientific name of green gram is
A) Vigna mungo
B) Vigna radiata
C) Phaseolus mungo
D) Phaseolus sinensis

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Scientific names are the formal system of naming species of living things. It is composed of two parts: genus name and species name.

Complete Answer:
For answering this question we must know about the family and genus to which green gram belongs.
According to the binomial nomenclature every species of plants and animals have two parts- the genus and the species. So, a scientific name comprises a combination of genus and species. For example- Homo sapiens-This is the scientific name for human beings. The genus is “Homo” and the species is “sapiens”.
Green gram is an angiosperm. It is a plant species in the legume family called the Fabaceae. It is an annual vine with yellow flowers and brown pods. It is cultivated widely in Asia and India. It is used both in sweet and savoury dishes. It belongs to the Genus Vigna. The species name is radiata. So the scientific name for green gram is “Vigna radiata”.

Thus the correct answer is (B). The scientific name of green gram is Vigna radiata.

Additional Information: Green gram is one of the many species which moved from genus Phaseolus to Vigna in 1970. The previous name of green gram was Phaseolus radiata.

Note: Binomial nomenclature was given by Linnaeus. It gave the species a unique label. The names are easier to remember and are universal. Green gram belongs to genus Vigna and species radiata. So the scientific name of green gram is Vigna radiata.