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Saheli is?
(a) An oral contraceptive for females
(b) A surgical sterilization method for females
(c) A diaphragm for females
(d) A diaphragm used by males

Last updated date: 18th Jun 2024
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Hint: They are also well known as ormeloxifene, which is one of the selective estrogen receptor modulators, a category of medication that works on the estrogen receptor. It’s best referred to as a nonsteroidal contraceptive pill.

Complete answer:
Saheli is employed as an oral contraceptive weekly pill for females. It’s a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM). It’s taken once every week following an initial three-month dose of twice every week. All general brands of pills include hormones such as estrogen or progesterone or a mixture of both, only Saheli is freed from these steroids and hence has no side effects. In a few parts of the body, its work is estrogenic (e.g., bones), in other parts of the body, its work is antiestrogenic (e.g., uterus, breasts). It causes an asynchrony within the cycle between ovulation and the growth of the uterine lining, however, its exact mode of function isn't well defined. In clinical trials, it caused ovulation to occur later than it normally would in some women, but didn't affect ovulation within the majority of women while causing the liner of the uterus to create more slowly.

Additional information: Saheli is the world's first and only oral non-steroidal oral contraceptive pill. ‘Saheli’ another name Centchroman (ormeloxifene 30mg)  is the solo non–steroidal pill with less or no side effects present within the world. The pill launched through HLL in 1991. They are free from side effects such as weight gain, nausea, vomiting, and headache because they comprise the molecule ‘Centchroman’. The most convenient and safest mode of contraception with a dosage of 1 pill every week.
So, the correct answer is ‘(a) An oral contraceptive for females’.

Note: Saheli established at Lucknow at Central Drug Research Institute. In India, it's been available as contraception since the first 1990s. It has been marketed there under the brand name Saheli, currently available free-of-cost for the women in India as Chhaya. Saheli has also been licensed under the trade names Novex-DS, Centron, and Sevista.