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Rising of dough is due to?
A. Multiplication of yeast
B. Production of Carbon dioxide
C. Emulsification
D. Hydrolysis of wheat flour starch into sugars

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Hint: When Yeast is added to flour as well as mixed with lukewarm water and sugar, the yeast metabolizes and reproduces quickly. Yeast respires anaerobically along with generated carbon dioxide and ethanol. The carbon dioxide discharged outcomes in the surging of the dough.

Complete answer:
Option – A: Multiplication Of Yeast - The most widespread mode of vegetative development in yeast is asexual reproduction by sprouting, where a small bud which is also known as a bleb or daughter cell. It is constructed on the parent cell. The embryo of the parent cell chops into a daughter nucleus as well as migrates into the daughter cell.
Option – B: Production of Carbon dioxide – It is generated by simmering natural gas to segregate the carbon and hydrogen atoms. Hydrogen is then integrated with nitrogen to establish ammonia. The carbon atoms can then incorporate with oxygen to formulate Carbon dioxide as a by-product. This Carbon dioxide can again be sold to the enterprises that need it.
Option – C: Emulsification – Emulsification is the procedure of allocating two or more immiscible liquids together to form a semi-stable mixture. In food dressings, these two liquids commonly consist of an organic (oil) phase as well as an aqueous (water) phase which is solidified by the addition of a food-grade emulsifier (surfactant).
Option – D: Hydrolysis of wheat flour starch into sugars – Usually hydrolysis is a chemical procedure in that a molecule of water is subtracted to a substance. Sometimes this expansion results in both substances as well as water molecules to divide into two parts.
So, the correct answer to the question is an option – B – 'Production of Carbon dioxide‘

Note:The output of Carbon dioxide In bread making, yeast is expanded to the dough in order to stimulate the rising of the bread. The yeast cells utilize the carbohydrates existing in flour as an energy source in the procedure of cellular respiration.