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Reproduction is essential for living organism in order to
A. Keep the individual organism alive
B. Fulfill their energy requirement
C. Maintain growth
D. Continue the species generation after generation

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Hint: Each and every organism can live only for a certain period of time the period from birth to the natural death of an organism which is called its lifespan . Isn't it interesting and intriguing to note that life span may be as short as a few days or as long as a few thousand years between these two extremes are the lifespan of most of the living organisms .

Complete answer:As we know whatever the lifespan of an organism is dead of every individual organism is a certainty that means no individual is immortal except single celled organisms . Given this reality have you ever wondered how vast numbers of plants and animal species have existed on Earth for several thousands of years ?
There must be some processes in living organisms that ensure this continuity . The continuity means the continuation of species generation after generation . That is reproduction, something that we take for granted . Reproduction is defined as a biological process in which an organisation gives rise to young ones offspring similar to itself. The offspring grow , mature and in turn produce new offspring . Thus there is a cycle of birth , growth and death .
Therefore reproduction is essential for living organisms in order to enable the continuity of species generation after generation .
So, the correct answer is ( D ).

Additional Information: There are two types of reproduction asexual and sexual .
Asexual reproduction involves a single parent and sexual reproduction involves participation of two parents of opposite sex .

Note: Sexual reproduction is more important than Asexual reproduction because genetic variation is created and inherited during sexual reproduction .