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Rat poison is obtained from
D.Aloe vera

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Poisons are the substances that cause death, injury or harm to the body. Poisons cause the harm as a result of chemical reactions on the molecular scales when an organism is exposed to a sufficient quantity.

Complete answer:
Rat poison:
1.Rat poison is called rodenticide.
2.Rat poison not only kills rats and mice but it can also kill squirrels, woodchucks, chipmunks, porcupines, etc.
3.Rodenticides are the non specific pest control chemicals.
4.Rodenticides are sold for the purpose of killing rodents in the market.
5.Some rodenticides are lethal and cause death on single exposure but some rodenticides need many exposures in order to kill any rodent.
6.The most common rodenticides include red squill and ANTU (alpha naphthyl thiourea).
7.Red squill is derived from the bulbs of lily-like subtropical plants named as Urginea.
8.Red squill is slow acting and less toxic poison because it can be removed from the stomach by vomiting.

Therefore, it has been clear from the above discussion that Rat poison is obtained from Urginea.

Hence the correct answer is OPTION(A)

Note: Pesticides are the group of substances that are toxic to various pests (rats, cockroaches, etc.) and insects. There are many categories of rodenticides including anticoagulants, metal phosphides and hypercalcemia.