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Ranthambore national park is situated in
A. Maharashtra
B. Rajasthan
C. Gujarat
D. U.P.

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint:-Ranthambore National Park is one of the tiger reserves which was founded in 1973, under the initiative for Tiger brought by Indian Government. This reserve is known for its enormous tiger population. In this large space, cities of trees, plants, birds and reptiles are also found. One of the biggest banyan trees in India exists in this reserve.

Complete Answer:-
Sanjay Gandhi national park is situated in the state of Mumbai in Maharashtra. This park was founded in 1996. This national park is rich in both flora and fauna. Ranthambore national park or wildlife sanctuary is situated in Rajasthan Sawai Madhopur district. This park is mainly famous for Bengal tigers and the best period for tiger sightings is assumed to be in November and May. Gir national park is situated in Gujarat. In this park, approximately 2375 different fauna species exist and comprise around 2000 species of insects, 37 species of reptiles, 38 species of mammals and around 300 species of birds. Dudhwa national park is located in northern Uttar Pradesh. This is mainly a reserve for tigers. The region was founded in 1958 for swamp deer as a wildlife sanctuary. But this region was later notified as a National park by the efforts of Billy Arjan Singh in 1977.
Thus, the right option is B.

Note:- Ranthambore is considered to be one of the famous and former hunting grounds of Maharajas of Jaipur but at present, it is a major attraction for tourists that has drawn the attention of many wildlife lovers and photographers. Trinetra Ganesh temple is located in this fort. This is the single temple on the earth where Lord Ganesha is portrayed with 3 eyes.