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Raj Thakur and Ram Das were given fertilizers and manure both to use in their field. Ram Das selected to use manure. Why did he not select fertilizers?

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Manure is an organic compound in nature extracted from solid animal faeces used to enhance soil value and improve the production of healthy crops. Fertilizer, natural or artificial substance containing chemical compounds that promote plant growth and development

Complete answer:
Use of manure is recommended over artificial fertilizers, where manure includes organic compounds, whilst chemical fertilisers include a chemical product which is detrimental to consumers. Consistent use of synthetic fertilizers on the soil corresponds to a fall in soil fertility and an increase in soil acidity. The use of fertilisers is among the processes adopted by farmers to improve their output. That being said, their excessive usage can lead to production losses in addition to crop failure. Manure is safer than a fertiliser. Compost is formed naturally and provides far more than just nutrients for plant growth. They enhance the activity of the soil microorganisms and improve their potency. On the other hand, fertilisers affect these organisms and cause side effects for users since they are chemicals. Manure is conditioning the soil. It contributes nutrients to crops and is a vital supplement in organic agriculture. Other essential nutrients required by plants (potassium and phosphorus) could also be effectively recycled by manure.

Manure is heavy and far less concentrated than chemical fertilizers, so the cost of travel is a serious concern. Manure approaches make the microbial population community very involved, which promotes soil quality. The electrical conductivity of the soil could be used to measure the overall health of the soil that is linked with a set of attributes that affect crop yields. Particularly in comparison to fertilizer-treated soils, manure-treated soils observed improved electrical properties throughout all soil depths. The concept behind the use of compost as a soil conditioner and fertiliser gaining momentum, as the studies confirm its significance when related to exclusive use of the inorganic or organic manure materials. The fusion of inorganic and organic fertilisers is gradually becoming a booming trend, with testing labs emphasising the importance.

Note: Manures boost soil fertility (providing soil humus), moisture absorption ability and soil adsorption capacity. They ought not to pollute the environment. Fertilisers will not integrate fully in the soil that contaminates the soil and finally hits the food web through producers and, eventually, through consumers.