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What is the purpose of deforestation?
A. Procuring land for cultivation
B. Building houses and factories
C. Making furniture or using wood as fuel
D. All of the above

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: The process of permanent removal of trees from the forest region, for carrying out another commercial, industrial, or building purpose is known as deforestation. It can result in the loss of trees and can have many negative impacts on the environment.

Complete answer:
The process of deforestation is done for many purposes. The major reason for deforestation is for procuring agricultural land. With the increase in population, there comes an increased need for food and this needs more agricultural areas. Thus more forest areas are converted into agricultural lands by cutting down the trees. Forests are also cut down for constructing houses and factories, required to house the increasing population and also industries or factories for producing the essential items required for them. And the spaces preferred for constructions of these buildings are forest lands. The trees in the forests are also cut down for their wood. The wood can be used as a material for building furniture and the materials required for building houses The wood is also cut down for being used as a source of fuel, for cooking and heating purposes. Thus, deforestation is carried out for procuring land for cultivation, building houses and factories as well as for making furniture or using wood as fuel.
Hence, the correct answer is Option (D).

Note: The process of deforestation has many negative effects on the environment. The loss in the number of trees can increase the risk of air pollution due to a decrease in oxygen levels which are maintained due to photosynthesis. It can lead to an increase in temperature. It causes a decrease in rainfall. Also, the risk of soil erosion gets increased. It also leads to loss of habitat for many animals and birds.