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Producers in ecosystem are
A. Plants

Last updated date: 23rd Jun 2024
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Hint: Organisms can be producers or consumers depending on the energy flow through an ecosystem. Producers are the organisms which convert energy present in an environment into carbon bonds. Consumers get the required energy from these carbon bonds produced by producers.

Complete answer: Community of organisms living together with their physical environment forms an ecosystem. Three components of the ecosystem are producers, consumers and decomposers. Producers are also known as autotrophs which mean self-feeding. Producers use solar energy or inorganic material to manufacture food in the form of carbohydrates. The producers create the biomass which sustains the rest of the ecosystem. Plants, lichens and algae are examples of producers as they change water, sunlight and carbon dioxide into carbohydrates.
The organisms that cannot manufacture their food are known as Consumers. Consumers consume either producers or other consumers which consume producers. Animals, Fungi, protists, insects are examples of consumers. The consumers are divided into different groups-
Animals that eat producers to obtain energy are herbivores. Rabbits, cows, deer, goats etc. are herbivores that eat plants. Animals that feed on either herbivores or another animal is a carnivore. Snakes and Hawks are examples of carnivores. Animals which eat both plants and other animals are Omnivores. Humans, Dogs, bears are examples of omnivores. Dead or dying organic matter is broken down by decomposers. Earthworms, fungi, bacteria and scavenger animals are examples of decomposers. The ants are decomposers as they eat food scraps which they can decompose. Producers are plants as they manufacture their food.

So, the correct answer is A. Plants.

Note: Phytoplankton is the single-celled algae that are the major producers in an aquatic ecosystem. Whereas plants are producers in an ecosystem which contains animals and other living organisms like insects, birds, etc.